Tactile Screen Free Sudoku Game for ADHD, Anxiety, Depresion and General Mental Wellness

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Tactile Screen Free Sudoku Game for ADHD, Anxiety, Depresion and General Mental Wellness

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What are the benefits of this Sodoku Game for Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Anything that you can do that helps your brain work harder can help reduce anxiety. Research suggests that puzzles may help your brain and evidence suggests they help with anxiety.

No matter how busy your life is, Sudoku offers a relaxing way to take a break from the world around you. Many people make Sudoku a part of their daily schedule because it refreshes them and allows them to meet the other commitments with renewed energy and vigor.

Tactile (Feeling/Touch)

This is not the paper-based version, its wooden and its tactile which is great for people who suffer from mental illness, as touching objects can have a calming effect for the mind.

Had a long day and just need to unwind before your daily chores and responsibilities at home need to be tended to? Feel anxiety rising before a big meeting or attending a social gathering? Mental puzzles, like Sudoku, can help to calm the mind and keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Giving your brain/mind something else to focus on, other than the reason you are stressing/anxious, can help you regain a sense of balance and calm.

Playing Sudoku is a healthy form of escapism.

Ever needed an escape, but don’t have the time to book a holiday or go out with your friends for drinks? Sudoku is used by many people as a healthy form of escapism.  Leave your worries and stresses for a few minutes (or hours) and put your focus on Sudoku. It will provide a beneficial escape that helps to get your mindset right before having to tackle your usual stresses and struggles again. 

Sudoku promotes a healthy mindset.

Without proper nutrition and physical exercise, the body becomes run down, and you start to feel lethargic and unmotivated. A healthy diet and daily exercise boost happy vibes and get the body fit and healthy. It’s the same for the mind. If the mind is never challenged, chances are that it will become complacent, unhappy, and very negative. Developing a healthy mindset is much like developing a healthy body. Feed and exercise the brain with Sudoku, and you will feel the positivity creep in.

Playing Sudoku is fun for the whole family

Looking for a relaxed game that the entire family can enjoy together? Then this is the game you need!  You can even host family Sudoku championships, for fun. What’s great about this numbers game is that it is available in a variety of difficulty levels, so everyone can find a level that suits their capability.  This also makes a great gift.

Playing Sudoku provides a healthy distraction

Ever felt like you need a distraction from the chaos and responsibilities of the day?  What do you do? Many people have found that taking a few moments of “rest” from their current challenging task, this Sudoku game is exactly the distraction you need and it's healthy!


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