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Sphere of Emotions Mug - Ideal for Anyone who cares about their Mental Wellbeing

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The Arc of Feelings  a very useful visual way of getting to know our feelings and emotions.

Everyone who cares about their mental health will benefit from this.

Whilst sipping your tea or coffee, have a look at how you are feeling today.

Feel the feeling: When feeling starts to arise, look at the wheel.

Get to the core feeling first: Start with the inner-most wheel and move outward, moving from the core feelings toward any associated feelings that might be coming up for you. 

How do you feel? Alternatively, if a core emotion is not clear, you can move from the outside in, identifying the associated feeling first and then making your way toward the core emotion. Don’t necessarily “hunt” for the right word. Rather, as you look, notice which words resonate with you. 

Compare feelings: Another way to use the chart is to compare how you’re feeling today with how you felt earlier today or even yesterday. For example:

“I’m feeling _________ today, but yesterday I felt  _______ and ________. “ 

Typically you might find that two or even four different emotions apply.

This will make a great gift.

11oz ceramic mug.

Glossy white finish.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.


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