Plastic Potato & Tomato Slicer

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Plastic Potato & Tomato Slicer

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This Plastic Potato & Tomato Slicer is made of BPA-free & food-grade plastic. It's a multi-purpose and conveniently designed slicing aid; the perfect tool for any task in the kitchen.  We only use eco-friendly and safe materials.  This slicer is ideal for tomatoes, onions, lemon, citrus fruit & much more!


It's very easy to use, holding the fruit or vegetable as you slice it, protecting your fingers from accidents and injuries.  It comes with tongs to help give you a secure grip. With this Plastic Slicer, you’ll create perfect tomato slices every time, as it's so easy to operate, safe, and reliable.

An Ideal Gift for anyone who loves cooking or just spending their life in the kitchen.  Why not buy one for yourself and treat your best friend with another one? Your life will be made so much easier using this Plastic Potato Cutter.  Just place a potato or tomato into the slicer and simply cut between the gaps.

Non-toxic and harmless.


Package Including 1 x Slicer.

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Condition: Brand new.  Size: ( 18.5*8)cm/(7.28*3.15)inch. Material: Plastic.  Colour: Random.

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