Luxury Office Chair

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The beautiful three-dimensional lines show low-key luxury, elegant tones, strong visual beauty, and can help create a romantic atmosphere. Sitting on a Leisure Chair in a comfortable environment and talking about life experiences, is an absolute pleasure and will really make it seem like time is going by slowly.

The soft surface and curved shape of the Creative Leisure Chair will give you the best feeling you've ever had sitting down!  The elegantly curved contours provide maximum comfort.  This is a perfect choice for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, cafes, and offices.

The Dining Leisure Chair provides great comfort and reduces long-term fatigue. Simple shapes and the beautiful romantic feelings it gives off will let you let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let you enjoy yourself. Easy to clean, disassemble and long lasting.

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Plate: High-strength laminated wood.  Pallet: Thickened explosion-proof steel plate. Cushion: 7cm high spring back sponge.  Size: 60*58*80cm.  Packaging size: 68*34*59cm.  Weight: 10kg.

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