Mental Wellness Pain Tube

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Mental Wellness Pain Tube

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Whether you’re sitting at computer all day or going all-out in the gym, your back muscles often take a beating. Back pain can significantly hinder your performance at work, your recovery time, and your workouts, it can also effect your mental health. Pain has been linked to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. Luckily,  The mental wellness shop has as solution, the pain tube

Why use the Pain Tube?

The pain tube essentially is a  do-it-yourself massage and is great for cramped back muscles from workouts or too much sitting. It improve circulation, and relieve adhesions (that create points of weakness in your tissues). It also has been found to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness and increase range of motion. Its great for your mental wellness and help you to relax your body, and in turn improves your mental wellness.

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