Laptop Bed Tray with Foldable Table

Laptop Bed Tray with Foldable Table

Laptop Bed Tray with Foldable Table

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This Laptop Bed Tray, finished with a naturally made eco-friendly bamboo board, tilts, folds, is stable, high-quality and easy to store. It has a load capacity of 45lbs. It has adjustable tilt and legs for better viewing experiences, that include 5 slots to adjust to different heights and position.  That's one more tilting position to choose from compared to other desks!

Beautiful hollowed out and with two flowers shape on the surface of the Foldable Laptop Desk  help heat to dissipate easily. This really has an aesthetically pleasing and practical function. To clean it, all you need to do wipe it down with a damp cloth or wash it with a mild-detergent and let it to dry thoroughly.

It doesn't only work as a Laptop Desk, but can also be used as a TV dinner tray, serving tray for patients/kids, laptop table, reading desk, standing desk for office workers, book tray, writing desk for kids, tablet holder, breakfast tray, colouring table or as a working desk for beds, floors, couches, cars or travelling.

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Installation Method: Self-contained.  Specific Use: Coffee Table.  General Use: Home Furniture.  Type: Living Room Furniture.  Size: 34.  Style: Minimalist-modern. Appearance: Modern. , Shape: Rectangular.

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