Health Care Body Massage Finger Ring

Health Care Body Massage Finger Ring

Health Care Body Massage Finger Ring

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The Finger Massage Ring can not only massage acupuncture points on the fingers and joints, but can also help to enhance the body's blood circulation.  Effectively relieve finger pain caused by repetitive actions, numbness, and fatigue.  It'll also help you to get beautiful slender fingers.  You can use this Finger Massage Ring as a fashionable ring, so that you can look good wearing it while enjoying the benefits of a finger massage.

The Finger Body Massage Ring is made of steel that has been plated in gold and silver.  It is truly a great device for people who use computers for a long time, play instruments such as the guitar or piano, artists, people who work in the garden, people who do a lot of housework, etc.

More information

Colour: Gold, Silver.
Material: Gold and silver played steel.
Size: 10*25*10mm.
Package Contents: 1 x Finger Massage Ring

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