Hanging Ab Straps Arm Support Abdominal Workouts

Hanging Ab Straps Arm Support Abdominal Workouts

Hanging Ab Straps Arm Support Abdominal Workouts

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These ab hanging straps help you tone, strengthen, and shred your core abdominal muscles to create a leaner, stronger, sexier you with hanging leg raises, leg lifts, vertical crunches, and more.

Home and Gym Use: Create an intense workout almost anywhere with ab arm straps compatible with standard door pull-up bars, chin up bars, or multi-gym systems, so you can stay consistent with workouts.

The ab hanger straps are able to support your weight with improved stability thanks to extra-wide straps, thicker edge-to-edge elbow padding, rip-resistant nylon, and steel carabiners.

These hanging exercise straps are going to make your workout unforgettable! You just have to focus on your core abs muscle group and lift your legs or knees easily! They will fit and will be useful in every training session and help you get the V-shaped body.

The ergonomic design fits you perfectly no matter your body type. Enjoy with ease these abdominal crunch straps and forget about rubbed skin. There is no need to have a strong grip to hold on to your weight, you just need the ab straps for a full upper body workout. Now you can get the results you have always wanted and build a strong core and great abs! Increase your power, the blood flow around your belly, and burn calories.

Made of high-quality polyester fabric which has the features of tear resistance, high load-bearing capacity, strong and durable wear resistance. It is a practical exercise tool.

Made of high-quality thick stainless steel material into metal hooks, metal hooks extended to 8 cm, more secure.

Comes with a comfortably thickened lining. When you use it, the arm is placed on a lined mat, which does not cause pressure on the arm and helps you train better.

Designed with double strap stitches, allowing the belt to be uniformly loaded, increasing the comfort of the exercise process.

This training belt is designed with a fine weaving belt. It is more durable and strong after careful sewing and ensures safety during the sport.

This training belt can help you exercise your abdominal muscles better, solve the problem of easy fatigue of arm grip, and train your abdominal muscles more quickly and safely.

Material: polyester




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