Folding Mobile Phone Desktop Bracket

Folding Mobile Phone Desktop Bracket

Folding Mobile Phone Desktop Bracket

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After using this stable Mobile Folding Bracket, you can fold it away and put it in your handbag, so you can take it anywhere.  It features fully a covered anti-skid silicone pad which can stop your device from slipping.  This mobile phone stand looks very stylish and supports hands-free mode. It really is ideal for watching videos, reading, studying, playing games, making video calls and video conferences. This Folding Bracket is a great desk accessory for your home and office.


It's really easy to use!  By using the Folding Desktop Bracket you can really let your hands be free, and stop fatigue building up in your fingers, and therefore work and live in a healthier way.  It has many different applications when you are working, studying or in your personal life!  Also, you can use it anywhere: In your living room, bedroom, at the office, on a reception desk, in the shopping centre, on a retail reception desk, in a conference room, etc...


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Product Name: Aluminium alloy folding mobile phone & tablet desktop stand. Material: Aluminium alloy.   Compatibility: Universal design for mobile phones and tablets.  Colour: black, silver, grey, pink.

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