Flynova Flying Spinner

Flynova Flying Spinner

Flynova Flying Spinner

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Age Range:> 6 years old.


The FlyNova is really easy to use.  It may look like magic, but with it's miniature internal motor, all you need to do is spin it up and throw it up. 

By tossing it at different speeds and angles, you can perform amazing tricks and maneuvers.

You'll quickly start to realize its infinite possibilities.

To use the FlyNova, all you have to do is hold the centre axis, turn the power on and spin the wheel.

The FlyNova is also really easy to stop and safe.   Just grab the FlyNova to stop it spinning.  Your hands will be protected also, due to its enclosed wheel design.

The FlyNova spins around its axis perpendicular to the direction of flight, it will also return to you safely.   It's great for solo play, as it is a little like a boomerang, as you can throw it up and catch it yourself.

If you throw the FlyNova downwards, it will travel in a straight line.   It will travel a distance depending on the strength of your throw.    It really is the perfect spinner to play alone or with friends.  Throw it back and forth between each other, try and catch it and perform tricks!


Item Type: Flying Spinner.
Battery Capacity: 100ma.
Charging Interface: USB.
Endurance Time: 15 min.
Material: PP.
Diameter: 8cm (3.14in).
Height: (4cm/1.57in).
Colours: Red / Blue /Black(Optional).
Quantity: 1.

Please Note: Please allow 1-3mm of error due to manual measurements. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item.

Package Contents1 x Flying Spinner.
1 x USB Charging Cable.
1 x User Manual


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