Electric Massage Pillow with Infrared Heating

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Electric Massage Pillow with Infrared Heating

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This Electric Massage Pillow has a dual-use and can be used in the car or at home.  It's easy to operate and looks very fashionable.   Its infrared hot moxibustion, gives a two-way comfortable massage. Also it's compact design meant that it is suitable for massaging all parts of the body.  It's also very safe with automatic overheating protection.

Magnetic field therapy is considered to have an adjuvant therapeutic effect on hypertension, arthritis, contusion, and cervical spondylolysis, as well as relieving stress and pain and allowing you to feel completely relaxed.   This neck and shoulder massager can be fixed onto a car seat to work as a Massage Pillow for your neck. Electric Shiatsu massage pillow massager.  The Infrared Massage Pillow can be used as a full-body massager.  It is safe and reliable with its integrated automatic motor-overheating protection.


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Product Name: Car and home massage pillow.  Materials: high-quality materials. Power: D12V / 220V 50Hz 2.0A. Product weight: net weight 1.2kg. Product size: 32 * 19 * 10cm 
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