Double Chin and Neck Massage Slimmer

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Double Chin and Neck Massage Slimmer

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The Chin and Neck Massage Slimmer can help to eliminate your double chin over time, giving you a thinner and more beautiful look. The ABS and TPR materials used in this product mean that it's durable and will last.

It's a Mini and stylish appearance means that it's small enough to carry around with you!  With three different strength settings, it can produce different massage effects, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy it, as it eliminates excess fat from your jaw, helping to shape and give you the perfect face!

The Chin Neck Massage Slimmer neckline exerciser reduces double chins, is anti-cellulite, will help to remove wrinkles and give the effect of a facelift.  The Double Chin Massage Slimmer works by massaging the skin on your face, neck, and chin, as well as being able to help to slim those areas. This professionally designed massager will help you to relax!


  • Materials: ABS, TPR.
  • Colour: White.
  • Size:140 x 60 x 52mm.
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