Dog Collar Diffuser

Dog Collar Diffuser

Dog Collar Diffuser

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About the product

Great for reducing stress and anxiety in dogs whilst helping to cover that doggy smell, this lava bead attaches to your dogs collar. Being a porous material the lava bead not only absorbs essential oils but slowly releases the calming scent. 

One drop of a calming essentil oil (The Mental Wellness Shop recommends Lavender) can help with vet trips, car rides, and times of anxiety and stress in our loved 4-legged friends. 

 Oils are not intended for daily use but for periods when your dog is feeling stressed.

Please note: Essential oils have a wide range of benefits for humans and ‘man’s best friend’. Smell is a very powerful sense and emotions can be strongly influenced by it, BUT- it is important to remember that a dog’s sense of smell is estimated anywhere from 10,000-100,000 times more acute than humans!! So it is important to be cautious when using oils. Some essential oils are absolutely not suitable for dogs and can be potentially toxic so please educate yourself and do your research. Check with your Vet if you would like further information or if you ever feel your dog reacts badly to essential oil.

How to use
In periods where your dog is experience stress or anxiety just rub one single drop of lavender oil (or your researched alternative) onto the black lava bead

If you do not purchase suitable oils from The Mental Wellness Shop please use a good quality, 100% essential oil.

Product Description

Made using a 15mm Keyring, one 16mm black Lava bead and one 8mm coloured bead.

Each comes with a dog-themed charm.

Total length from the top of the keychain to the bottom bead is approximately 6cm.

* Oils are not included with this product *
* NOT intended for any other domestic pet *


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