Stickes for Self-Care - Reward Therapy

Stickes for Self-Care -  Reward Therapy

Stickes for Self-Care - Reward Therapy

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Self-care reward stickers for the grown-ups and children.

Both Adults and children can benefit from a reward system. Encouragement, focusing on the positive, and rewarding yourself for successes are all important strategies.

Use lists to help keep yourself focused and on track. Check off each item as you complete a task. Set up a color-coding system to help keep you organized. Use our stickers as reward points on your daily schedule, planner or journal.

No matter what age, people with mental health challenges can benefit from regularly scheduled breaks, reduced clutter and distractions, and help in organizing tasks. These are all ways to have an influence on your environment, structuring it to give yourself the best opportunity for success.

Each sheet contains 24 stickers which are 1" diameter. There are 12 different sticker wording, each appearing twice, once with a patterned background and ones with a coloured background

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