Child Positive Mindset Card Game

Child Positive Mindset Card Game

Child Positive Mindset Card Game

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About the product
The most effective way of changing views on mental health and reducing stigma is to teach our younger generations about the importance of good mental health. This affirmation game teaches children about how to think postively about themselves and start to explore how we can make others feel postivie around us. 
How to play:

Teach your child positive mindset and help them think about how they can make a difference to themselves and others around them.

- Shuffle the cards each day and CHOOSE THREE

- Place the THREE cards FACE DOWN in front of the child

- Ask the child to choose ONE card

- Then discuss what the card says, for example -

- 'I respect others'

- Ask your child how they respect people - give examples and praise them - explain why thats so important

- Ask your child how they respect themselves? do they understand how?
Playing this game with children in the morning will promote them to learn about and develop a positive mindset. It also provides parents with a great tool to check in with their childs mental health and opens up discussion around any worries your child may have. 

Product description

Each pack contains 30 55mm X 55mm high gloss cards
Instruction sheet 


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