Pearls and Bees Collection

Wonderfully tailored premium clothing and accessories individually handmade by professional seamstresses with the hands like of gold.

At Pearls and Bees, we create “keepsakes,” to be worn “lots of times” and then hopefully handed down to a daughter. We’re not doing disposable fashion, We treat each piece of clothing like a piece of jewelry, an entity unto itself, with its own journey. It’s not just one in a queue.

We love the environment, and we love people and all of our clothes and accessories are made with that strictly in our minds. We are very much into mental wellness which permeates every aspect for our lives.  Some of our products are Vegan, and everything else is ethically and responsibly made. We are not doing cheap, sweatshop, lack of care, queue up all day for a three dollar t-shirt, then throw away (produces more waste).

Love yourself, Love the planet and Love Another ❤️

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